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Australia’s EAORON has invented the world’s first smear type anti-sugar pills

Australia’s EAORON has invented the world’s first smear type anti-sugar pills

August 13
21:00 2019

Recently, Australia’s EAORON Laboratory has announced an anti-sugar black tech – the world’s first smear anti-sugar pills. The EAORON research team said that the smear anti-sugar pill contains a number of innovative skin care technology, which not only overturns the traditional oral use of anti-sugar pill, but also breaks through the simplex anti-sugar effect of anti-sugar pill, Double-acting anti-sugar factor plays the role of anti-sugar anti-oxidation synchronously, and the skin will reappear young splendor within 7 days, which will open up a new era of anti-Skin saccharification.

BBC has publicly reported that people with high sugar level in the body generally have yellower and looser skin; on the contrary, those whose body contains lower sugar degree looks much more whiter, tightly and more tender. The excess sugar reacts with protein to produce AGEs, which damages collagen, making skin become deep yellow, relax and accelerates skin aging, and cause irreversible damages. EAORON, as a first-line skin care product in Australian, usually well-known as “medical beauty”, having being dedicated to bringing effective skin care products to women around the world by application of achievements of Scientific research in medical cosmetology, one item of which focuses on how to effectively resist sugar and oxygen.

The EAORON team found that the two crime culprit for aging skin are saccharification and oxidation, among which saccharification leading to yellowing while oxidation accelerating aging. The traditional anti-sugar care products are for oral-taken internally,with expensive price, which has the single anti-sugar effect, the anti-aging effect is not obvious despite the daily anti-sugar, accordingly, in order to achieve real anti-aging effect, we must synchronously resist sugar and oxygen. After more than two years of research and development, EAORON research team developed a dual-effect sugar-resistant factor, Diamond level ingredients with black techs –

Carnosine and fullerene – the mother of anti-oxidation. Finally, EAORON the world’s first smear anti-sugar pill was successfully developed, completely subverting the oral anti-sugar product, and a smear brings anti-sugar and antioxidant effect, reappearing young girl muscle. The double-effect anti-sugar factor creates a new era of anti-skin saccharification.

It is reported that EAORON the world’s first smear anti-sugar pill carnosine PROTM, is the most powerful AGEs inhibitor, known as the “liquid ultrasonic knife”, which can not only effectively inhibit the production of AGEs, automatic binding to excess sugar, preventing the protein glycosylation, but also it can be inactivated by combining the already formed AGEs ,thus protecting skin collagen. Another rare star component, fullerene, known as the “mother of antioxidation”, is the diamond ingredient in the cosmetics industry, which can completely eliminate free radicals like a sponge ,with its antioxidant capacity is 180 times of that of ordinary VC. More than 1500 Japanese beauty clinics choose fullerene as the main component of Anti-aging care products a, which is the top choice of anti-aging ingredients.

Besides, bisabolol, ceramide, VE repair star ingredients are especially added in the EAORON the world’s first smear anti-sugar pills, concentrated into a healing “gold compound factor”, combined with anti-aging factor NANO, it can targeted repair muscle bottom micro-injury, one-click removal of  the skin fine lines, dry lines, strengthen resistance, which can significantly improve haggard, black circles, cutis laxa and other early-aged state, making the skin regenerate.

In addition to the above rare star technology components, EAORON laboratory has specially developed three outstanding concentrations-gold pure composition, gold absorption concentration, gold effective concentration, high concentration pure double effect anti-sugar factor to improve the osmotic absorption of saccharified skin, which rematch scientific compound skin absorption yellow essence peak ratio, and accurate acting time of high concentration essence. Thegum source protein shell was originally created, and a capsule sealed with 480000 high active factor, with condensed 99.9% high concentration essence, was 10 times as much as the ordinary skin care essence, and has excellent anti-sugar and antioxidant effect.

Besides, the EAORON team exclusively absorbs black techs-Micro fluidics (microfluidics technology, allowing 480000 nutritious microsphere to permeate the muscle bottom efficiently in 1 second, favourably comparing with the “injection grade” with nearly 100% of absorption rate, activating self-healing of the skin within 7 days omnidirectionally, witnessing the miracle of shining face and reappearing the young girls’ glory.

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