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A.N. Oveissi Launches a New Book Titled, “The Golden Cage”

A.N. Oveissi Launches a New Book Titled, “The Golden Cage”

August 13
20:44 2019
A.N. Oveissi Launches a New Book Titled, “The Golden Cage”
The Golden Cage is the latest book revealing an inside look into the world of investment banking before and during the Global Financial Crisis.

Mayfair, LDN – Aug 13, 2019 – A.N. Oveissi, an Iranian-American part investment banker and part entrepreneur, also known as The ibanker, is pleased to launch his new finance fiction book titled “The Golden Cage,” whichhighlights the story of a man who miraculously secures a job at the most respected investment bank in the globe. The book also details the nature of the investment banking industry pre-global financial crisis.

When Alex Shiraz, an average and broke economics student in London, charms his way into a coveted job at the most prestigious investment bank in the world, suddenly everything is at his fingertips – jumping on a plane at a moment’s notice, the most exclusive clubs, and parties and beautiful people at every turn.

As he hustles his way up the ladder, drifting away from his girlfriend and befriending a crew of ambitious upstarts, his enigmatic boss is charged with saving the trillion-dollar bank from collapse as the 2008 global financial crisis looms – and it’s up to Alex to do the billion-dollar deal that will save them all. Can he rise to the occasion? Does he have what it takes to seal the deal (in many ways)?

With humor, candor and plenty of surprising turns, The Golden Cage take us on an epic journey into the heart of international finance as the entire industry threatens to crumble. Part-gripping tale of one man’s quest to achieve glory – and millions – in the financial capital of the world, part insider’s look at the high-stakes world of investment banking, The ibanker and the Golden Cage is as addictive and seductive as the world of finance itself.

Written by A.N. Oveissi, “The Golden Cage” is an insightfully funny story about the world of “high finance.” The novel revolves around Alex, a sympathetic protagonist who is a recent graduate student from the London School of Economics, motivated, through an invisible hand, to follow a career in investment banking in one of if not the most influential financial centers in the world.

Readers can follow Alex’s journey into the secretive world of investment banking. Along the way, they will come to understand why the majority of bankers behave the way they do and what in particular makes them tick. Discover the good, bad and ugly side of banking.

The book is now available on Amazon Kindle at

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A.N. Oveissi, an Iranian-American, is part-investment banker and part-entrepreneur. He is passionate about film and drama, specifically scriptwriting and acting.

To learn more about The ibanker send him an email at [email protected] Visit the website at to know more about his other books as well as the courses he offers.

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