No Respite from Inflation; This Time its Potato & Tomato

November 01 11:04 2013

vegetableNovember 1 – After Onions, which hit the mark of rupees 100 in the previous month only, it is the time for other veggies to shock customers. Potato & tomato, the two of the commonly used vegetables in every household, are ready to put pressure on your pocket, touching the mark of rupees 45 and rupees 55, respectively, in New Delhi. Rise in the prices of these vegetables is also expected to reach very soon in various parts of the nation too.

How to manage budget of the kitchen is now a big question in front of innumerable families. Prices of onions have come down but just a little bit that hardly give any sort of respite to the buyers. Skyrocketing prices of eatables have made several customers leave the veggies in the market only. Per kilo costs of cabbage, peas radish, cauliflower, lady finger, capsicum, bottle gourd and eggplant are already up. Besides, prices of green chilies and coriander are high too. More to the point, Diwali is near and at this peak festival time, no relief from unaffordable range of products is apparent.